Musical Theatre of Anthem



December 16, 2017
March 1-4, 2018
Ages 11-19, plus three roles for adults

Deja has been raised right. A large, loving family and the knowledge that a good decision is a crucial part to every day. By properly calculating every move, she knows that life will never take her by surprise. It's easy to be in full control at all times and Deja always is. That is until the last few weeks. Decisions are getting more difficult as Deja gets older.

Missed opportunities, things not going the way she knew they would, have all knocked her off her path and into a world of confusion where "make the right decision" doesn't seem to always be the right one. On a fateful night, Deja has a choice. To let these weeks destroy her and give up on everything she has set her mind to or ignore what has happened and try to move on. Little does she know, she is about to find out where both paths lead and more importantly, the importance of holding onto who you are against every odd. "Decided" will be a world premiere musical written specifically for MTA to celebrate our 10th Anniversary Season. Composer and playwright Brian M. Kunnari has created a personal, powerful and thoughtful new musical that gets to the heart of every teen's struggle with decisions and reminds us all that it is never too late to find the way back to our life's unique path. Participants will have the rare chance to discover the intricacies and excitement of producing an original show on the MTA stage. They will have the opportunity to collaborate and influence the work with the author and composer throughout the rehearsal process and will conclude the show's run producing an original cast recording.

Character Breakdown to be updated soon!

Tuition & Fees

If cast, the tuition and costume fee for this production (for ages 11-19) is $275. 10% sibling discount. Sibling discount on 2nd registration will be refunded via PayPal within 24 hours of payment received. Scholarships are available for participants who might otherwise not be able to participate. Click here for more information.

Audition Information

Those auditioning should bring a musical theatre song (or any song they are comfortable with), 16-32 bars or one minute in length. Bring an accompaniment with CD or iPod to sing with. You may also sing acapella if needed.

Please complete the following paperwork and bring it to your audition.
Audition Form
Conflict Calendar
Contact Information (to be filled out only once per season)
Performer Contract (to be filled out only once per season)
Measurement Form