Our Donors

MTA is pleased to acknowledge the generous support of the following sponsors for our 2023-24 Season. If you would like to donate to our theatre and join this list, please click the "Donate to MTA" button below to make a tax deductible contribution now.

Donate to MTA


Arizona Commission on the Arts
Carlson Family
City of Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture*

$2,500-$4,999 SEASON LEADER

Davis Family / Success Property Brokers
Foy Family
Hammond Family / American Express
Johnston-Macella Family
Kishbaugh Family / Skin Esteem
McCarthy Family
McDonough Family
Moore Family

$1,200-$2,499 GRAND SPONSOR

Alison Sasser Family
Barbara Stewart
Cioffi Family
Estes-Comp Family
Fletcher Family
Halpin Family
Hauge Family
Hughes Family / Rain Man Roofing
Ikesaki Family
Kowalski Family
Leiker Family
McGlaughlin Family
Momeyer Family
North Phoenix Pool Service
Oberbroeckling Family
Jen and Bill Stewart
Swingler Family
Victor Family
Westerlind Family

$500-$1,199 Actor

Anthem Rotary Club
Edkey, Inc. (Sequoia Schools)
Florence Bruemmer/Bruemmer Law
Michele Celentano
RE/MAX Todd Ninneman
Rosenbaum Family
Rise Above Remodeling
Sarah Lindsay
Spray Net North Phoenix
William Spar/ARP Tax Pros, LLC
Wood Orthodontics

$250-$499 PATRON

$20-$249 SUPPORTER

Alecia Brown
Alison Baum
Aly Thompson
Amanda Shepard
Anthem Travel
Belen Moyano
Better Vision Eyecare
Brady Ternes
Brooks Bennett-Crampton
Christa Johnson
Connie Clark Stanley
Darrell Stanley
Deb Jasper
Debbie Lavallee
Diane and Tom Hammond
Eli Ciudad
Ella & Harper Favia
Eric Pettit
Ish & Steve Crampton
Jen Knickelbein
Jen Loy
Jennifer Pettit
Jenny Alvarez
Joan Fix
Jonathan Rickey
Julia Hughes
Kaitlyn McDonough
Karen Kontak
Kathy Stoeckle
Katie Ruiz
Kim Brockner
Linda Spiedel
Lynn Matsuda
Mark Sasser
Mary Ann Crook
Mary Prokopik
Mary Ternes
Maryann Kobinski
Melissa Linden
Misty Perchal
Monica Beougher
Norma Cantu
Pam Weber
Paris Brockner
Patti Conklin
Randy Black
Robin Victor
Ronald Hardy
Ruth Parker
Sherrill Curry
Stacey Copeland
Susan Boothe
Susan Hanson
Susan McDonough
Thad Zorn
Tiffany Stanley
Tina Rudd
Tisha Coffman
Todd and Cathy Hauge
Tom and Caryl Fletcher
Veronica Stumpf
William Stewart

*Partial funding provided by the City of Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture through appropriations from the Phoenix City Council