Our Donors

MTA is pleased to acknowledge the generous support of the following sponsors for our 2017-18 Season. If you would like to donate to our theatre and join this list, please click the "Donate to MTA" button below to make a tax deductible contribution now.

$10,000+ Grand Marquee

The Kemper and Ethel Marley Foundation

$5,000-$9,999 Marquee

Carlson Family
Hammond Family/American Express
Hughes Family/Rain Man Roofing
Kishbaugh Family/Skin Esteem

$2,500-$4,999 Season Leader

Davis Family/Success Property Brokers
Foy Family/Choice Medical Walk-In
Maplethorpe Family/Rhapsody School of Music
McDonough Family
Momeyer Family
Neal Family
Pelchat Family
Ponce Family

$1,200-$2,499 Grand Sponsor

Baldwin Family
Barbara Stewart
Bonifasi Family
Bragg Family
Ernst Family
Estes-Comp Family
Hall Family/My Vitamin
Hawley Family
Hebert Family
Ikesaki Family
Jason Felker and Stephanie Lund/WeSellAnthem.com
My Personal Multivitamin/Hall Family
Kennedy and Lucy Weitekamp
Kipp Family/Honeywell Corporation
Penrose-Purvis Family
Tjorhom Family

$500-$1,199 Actor

Anthem Rotary
Asset Preservation Tax and Retirement Services
Cantu Family
Daisy Mountain Painting
Dockter Family
Gayna Savoury
Kallevig Family
Kee Family
Liz Armstrong
McCarthy Family
Newhard Family
Sarah Brayer
Sheppard Pediatric Dentistry
Sosnowski Family
US Storage Centers
Wood Orthodontics

$250-$499 Patron

Crandall Family
Deal Family
Devere Family
Jessica Kishbaugh
Kublin Family
McHatton Family
Miller Family
Montgomery Family
Shawna Weitekamp
Trent Family
Veterans Heritage Project

$25-$249 Supporter

Adam Vargas
Albert and Peggy Salazar
Alecia Brown
Amanda Glenn
Amy Phebus
Baker Family
Biggs Family
Blanzy Family
Bousard Family
Brad Rupp
Bradford Family
Brooks Matsuda
Bryan Burwick
Burgard Family
Charlotte Boskovich
Christine Creed
Claudia Huber
Crampton Family
Creed Family
Danita Grubaugh
David Salazar
Diane and Tom Hammond
Ena Simanson
Enriquez Family
Eric Victor
Fletcher Family
Forman Family
Gale Walker
Garcia Family/Dot Dot Smile
Heather Windsor
Henderson Family
Hill Family
Iniguez Family
Jean Reah
Jennifer Stewart
Jill Mills
Jody Kring
Joey Longo
John Senter
Jon Garrido
Julia Davis
Kailyn Toussaint
Karen Gallagher
Karen Vanderbilt
Kary Matsuda
Kona Family
Kathy Stoeckle
Kimb Fouhy
Kristi Maplethorpe
Kristin Wolven
Bill and Melanie Kunnari
Brian and Stacey Kunnari
Leigh Treat
Lennon and Noelle Hammond
Leona Wood
Linda Martin Spiers
Lisa Ritchey
Lopez Family
Maggie Eley
Mana Hoskins
Marcia Devere
Marissa Myers
Matthew Ruvolo
McDonnell Family
Megan Mahoney
Michele Celentano
O'Meara Family
Pearce Family
Rebilas Family
Roche Family
Rowe Family
Savannah Foy
Severson Family
Shylah Crampton
Sigrun Coombs
Sonia Tomaso
Stacey Copeland
Susan Bye
Sylvia Schmidt
Tiffany Seidemann
Tina Khalil
Tony Astorga
Toussaint Family
Trimarchi Family
Viso Family
William Deegan
Wilmer Bergdolt
Witmer Family
Wright Family

$5-$24 Contributor

Daniel Kimball
Elizabeth Johnson-Heston
Hudson Family
MaryAnn Gallagher
Mayfield Family
Sawana Grimmett