Musical Theatre of Anthem


Fry's Community Rewards

Fry's Food Stores has committed to give $2 million over the next year to non-profits based upon their participation in the Fry's Community Rewards program.
Please follow these simple steps to add MTA to your account today! After you register and follow the below 2 steps, there is nothing else you need to do except to swipe your Fry’s card every time you shop there. Your spending at Fry’s will automatically benefit MTA.
STEP 1: Create a Fry's Account
(If you already have one, skip to STEP 2)
STEP 2: Register for the Fry's Community Rewards Program
*Go to or if you are logged in after completing step 1, move to the next step
* Hover your cursor over 'My Account' near the top-right under your name, then click 'My Account' in the drop down menu.
* Click the 'Community Rewards' link in the left-hand column.
* Enter FC199 then 'search'.
* Select the box for Musical Theatre of Anthem
and click 'enroll' 'Save' to complete enrollment.
* You should now see Musical Theatre of Anthem as currently enrolled if you click the 'Community Rewards' link again.